11 October 2006


Michael Kelleher has put together a terrific special feature on Robert Creeley for Jacket 31. My brief essay is included, but make sure you take a look at the whole feature, and the whole issue. There are contributions from Amiri Baraka, Susan Howe, Tosa Motokiyu, Ojiu Norinaga, Okura Kyojin, Kent Johnson, Javier Alvarez, Alexander Jorgenson, Margaret Konkol, Ruth Lepson, Stan Persky, Kyle Schlesinger, Dale Smith, Joel Weishaus, and Don Wellman, as well as links to earlier pieces in Jacket about and by Robert Creeley.

You can find Michael Kelleher's note, written soon after Creeley's death, here. Mike should be celebrated not only for his work here noted on Creeley, but as a poet, activist, and for his great work at Just Buffalo Literary Center.


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