05 April 2007

the physical part of language, i.e. the letter


visual / symbol / glyph

sign or part of sign

system component

variable unfixed

flighty unstable volatile

loaded free and not free

before mess or message

upper limit something not quite speech

lower limit more or less than phoneme

not the letter of the law

but the interpretation of the law of the letter

frame bumps arrows cups fork tines trees

crosses holes with lines differential strokes

curves and intersections


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Bob said...

hello, Charles...

can i use this poem in my next poetry show? if i can, will you record it and send it to me?

formerly hosted THE COUNTDOWN on MiPoRadio, but doing my own thing now...

let me know, if you're not too busy!

take care...

At 2:09 PM, Blogger charles said...

Bob I just saw this. Certainly you can use it. I'll try and record it this week if you still want it. Is it not too late?


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