02 February 2007

not just passing time

not blogging lately

using that time to write, mostly a new section of Pushing Water, i.e. section 37, which is now standing at some 21 pages, & going

but saving observations, readings, etc., for more blog posts soon

and finishing binding WITNESS, by Kathleen Fraser & Nancy Tokar Miller, fitting text blocks into beautiful cases made by Jessi Atwood

Monday there's a book launch in Tucson for CERTAIN SLANTS, my book from Junction Press that is now out and available! Email me if you can't find it somewhere. Junction Press is working on a new web site.

My birthday is stretching out. Now it's at its third day, and it will last through the book launch on Monday. Sheila Murphy & Dan Waber (incomparable, both of them) will be joining me there at Hotel Congress, on the east end of Congress St. in Tucson, between 4th Ave. & 5th Ave., at 6pm for book signing in the lobby & 8pm in the Club Congress for a reading.