31 December 2010


Two terrific new books arrived.

Give Some Word, by Cralan Kelder, and 60 Texts, by Sarah Riggs. Such different authors, different works, yet with a casual precision in common, and a wondrous sense of spinning from the everyday to the wondrous.

Give Some Word is from Shearsman Books. Here's a sample:

mornings are non-refundable

a stone's throw into a wave's throat

bees inspect flowers
as the sun wheels through blue fields

as the democracy of time means
that every day
everybody gerts some

Gets some words, some time, some stone throws, some sun wheeling, some surprise, some marvel.

60 Texts is from Ugly Duckling Presse. Sarah Riggs has already published work that establishes her as a writer of floating precision - precision because of its spare lyricism that is exact and exacting; floating because it indeed seems to hover as sound and essence. Here she writes with what I have to all wisdom, which is the willingness to speak truth (and true questions), sometimes in its most direct and simple forms. Here's an excerpt (or two):

Can we go out of the
world together, even if
we did not come in

and earlier in the book,

So it was decided here,
in front of this sofa.
I will always remember
your face at that moment.
What we don't have
in common, we create

I am so pleased to have and to read these two marvelous books.