03 July 2007

Paris Images

The view out our apartment window, day & night. In the day photo, you can see a fuzzy Tour d'Eiffel in the far background. The night photo was zoomed a good deal more, and the lights of the tower are almost all you can see.

And one view inside our apartment. Other than the bedroom, this is the room where we spent the most time when we were in the apartment, talking, eating meals, enjoying the views and the company.

Three of very many churches. The dark one with stained glass is Notre Dame. The other interior is St-Germaine-des-Pres. The sculptural head is outside St-Eustache, near Jardin des Halles. We also visited St-Sulpice, St-Germain-d'Auxerrois, and more.

Other street or Parisian scenes. In order, Cynthia at the Eiffel tower, me at the door to Reed House (where the translation atelier was held), me in a cafe near Musee Marmotan and its many Monets, Cynthia at a bench in the back courtyard of the Musee Picasso, Cynthia at the pyramid outside the Louvre, a view of the Seine, and a view of the Hotel deVille.

Three graves in the Pere Lachaise cemetery: Gertrude Stein, Oscar Wilde, and Guillaume Apollinaire. On the day of my Double Change reading, we began the day visiting these old friends.

With friends. Vincent & Olivier & I at the Double Change reading, during Olivier's introduction. Afterwards, I read poems, and Vincent read French translations of several of my poems. Stacy Doris and her beautiful children in their La Marais apartment.

In the Jardins de Luxembourg, at Allée Andre Breton.

Cynthia and I in what we came to think of as our regular cafe, Le Cafe Goncourt, next to the closest Metro station to our apartment.