07 June 2008

Invitation from Lisa Bowden

This is from Lisa Bowden of Kore Press. Please send any response to her at the email listed at the end of her invitation.
hi tucson poetry friends,

anyone else have a response to last weekends outrageous gathering at the Po Cent? here's an invitation to get together and talk and listen, perhaps more fully and freely, about the presentations, the potent side conversations, and any thoughts about all of it.

there's a room at the Center [University of Arizona Poetry Center, corner of Helen & Vine, Tucson, Arizona] available this Thursday, say 6:30-8pm.

Please let me know if you are interested and can come this Th. Or, if you are interested but can't make Th the 12th, what date soon might work. PC is open late on T and TH, and seems a likely and available place for this community conversation. I know people are beginning to leave town soon, so my hope is that as many of us that want to do this, can before the summer diaspora begins.

Please pass on to anyone who I may have missed here. I'm not seeing Jefferson Carter, Barbara Henning or Sherwin Bitsui's e-mail on the list, so feel free to forward.


Lisa B


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