09 June 2008

New Work from Carol Watts

I have written about Carol Watts earlier, in another post. Now my attention is called to new work by Watts in the how2journal. More stunningly sounded and worked sections, seven in the sequence titled ZETA LANDSCAPE, each 19 or 20 lines, moving in small groups of words in and through the lines, always with a sense of "beyond" — indeed the movement is both toward infinity and strongly toward "this place." I'll give the first section here, in hopes that you will visit the site and find the wondrous more that is there.
the feeding of one into the landscape results
in a climbing to infinity     this opens the labour of a day
the task is     to find a distribution of fields
and from these the truth of this place:     hill common
in its own pitch     said     rhos y breidden
and from this one point     sines of all hills and valleys
as if pastoral could predict them     by counterintuitive
measure in the dark meadow     its starless     spectrum
at night     where the ram is sleeping     its breath
barely rising     the mound is a shadow     the reservoir
pumped down under the hill     leading to a thought
of depth     or scarcity and thinness     the land is not
what it should be     in light     the same terrain     lifts
falls     watch waters burst     a spectacular strung
balloon     spraying other coordinates     which emerge
drip pinkly     at some distance     under brush and detached
in the spinney     are cauterised by maternal     licking
just under ten steps north     no frost     made safe
on this occasion     not infinite enough     for cosmology


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