18 February 2009

and POG, yes POG!!!

I neglected in my last post to mention that POG was a co-sponsor of the January 24 LETTERS & NUMBERS benefit event, and valiant POG directors were there in force. Of course, if ever two nonprofit organizations were entwined, Chax Press & POG are so married. 6 of Chax Press's 13 board members are also board members of POG, and 6 of POG's 9 (I think that's the right number) are also board members of Chax. That said, the board functions entirely differently for each organization. Chax is more of a traditionally structured nonprofit organization, where the board is primarily responsible for long-term stability and policy, fundraising, supporting the executive director, representing the organization in a positive way to the public, promoting the organization through their own personal connections locally and around the country and beyond, legal issues, etc. They are not very involved in planning programs, choosing what books are published, and other decisions that fall to the expertise of the executive director. POG, on the other hand, has a board that functions as staff and board, both in a very cooperative manner, with the board collectively deciding on the year's programs, splitting up responsibilities for administration and organization of specific events, assigning and sometimes sharing grantwriting and fundraising duties, etc. Both boards ideally (and usually in fact) are a lot of fun, and both give a sense of accomplishment as each organization works its magic via programs in the local, national, and international communities of poetry, book arts, literature, etc.

But more on POG right NOW:
POG just presented poets Barry Alpert and Sheila Murphy in the back courtyard of Revolutionary Grounds Books & Coffee, a new leftist coffee shop, a place where books ranging from Marx to Bolano can be found. The poetry reading featured such delights as Donald Davie & John Cage conversing in heaven (Alpert) and the spontaneous combustion/creation of a new poem improvised on the spot (Murphy). Particularly noted were ample plays on words and received phrases in Murphy, with "altogether" becoming "alto / gather," the musical reference making me think of the Beatles' "All Together Now," and the delightful "leaves of the saints." Alpert's poetry required an attention to aspects of the making of the poem from various sources, while Murphy's required aural attention to catch its musical delights. That reading was on Feb 15, a Sunday afternoon.

The NEXT POG reading is February 21 (we don't usually do things quite this frequently, but Alpert/Murphy was a special opportunity enabled by Barry Alpert's travel schedule), and it features the two Renees: Renee Angle and Renee Gladman. This one should be magnificent. It will be at 7pm at The Drawing Studio in Tucson, 33 S. Sixth Ave. For more information please see the POG web site.

POG is currently planning a terrific season for the 2009-2010 year. Stay tuned for more information, about Chax & POG & their various relations.

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At 7:57 AM, Blogger Barry Alpert said...

Thanks Charles. I enjoyed the occasion & the synchronicity of my texts printed in red. From Michael Snow and other structural filmmakers & aestheticians, I learned the usefulness of "trailing" the process of composition. Though I wish I could have conceptualized the whole performance, I hope that the performative aspects I was able to incorporate
signaled what I could do if the context were purely filmic or art world.

Barry Alpert


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