20 February 2009

Nancy Tokar Miller's IN RETROSPECT

Nancy Tokar Miller's "In Retrospect" exhibition opened yesterday afternoon, when she did a walk-through talk about her work, after which the opening reception was held from 5pm - 7pm. Quite a crowd! But the real attractions are the paintings. This is probably the most beautiful exhibition of paintings I've ever seen at the Univ of Arizona Museum of Art. Please, for yourselves, if you care about art, or painting, get there. You won't be sorry. I also hope you can come to the poetry reading there on March 25, Wed, at 4pm. Here's the announcement from the exhibition invitation:
The University of Arizona Museum of Art is pleased to present Nancy Tokar Miller's first career survey. Focused on important works since 1971, the exhibition reveals how Tokar Miller's practice has shifted and deepened, while remaining ardently invested in the fundamentals of painting: the communicative capabilities of line and gesture, the evocative brilliance of color, and the endless plasticity of the medium. Inspired by American Color-Field painting and Asian aesthetic traditions, informed by travel, photographs and memory, Tokar Miller creates formal relationships that convey a distinctive sense of spiritual calm.
The exhibition remains up through April 5, 2009. The museum is located at 1031 North Olive Road, just off the corner of Speedway & Park on the UA campus. Parking available in the UA Park Avenue Garage. Access UAMA by way of pedestrian underpass at the east end of the garage. Museum hours are Tues-Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat & Sun Noon to 4pm (closed Mondays & UA holidays).

On Wednesday, March 25, at 4pm:
Charles Alexander reads selections of poetry in response to Tokar Miller's artwork, in the Museum galleries.

An extensive catalog, with contributions by UAMA exec director Charles A. Guerin, art historian Paul Eli Ivey, gallerist Terry Etherton, gallerist Jennifer Doran, and poet Charles Alexander, accompanies the exhibition.

An added bonus: pages from the book WITNESS, by Nancy Tokar Miller and Kathleen Fraser, designed, printed, bound, & published by Chax Press in a fine art limited edition, have been mounted and framed and are included in Tokar Miller's retrospective exhibition. In addition, a case in the exhibition features the bound book in both a closed view and a view open to a double-page spread of dynamic visual/text interplay.

Paitings pictured here by Nancy Tokar Miller:
Essaouira, 2000, Acrylic on canvas, 66 x 62 inches, Courtesy of the artist
Elephant Terrace, 2008, Acrylic on canvas, 62 x 79 inches, Courtesy of Etherton Gallery

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